Siroe, Re di Persia

Johann Adolph Hasse

Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Oldenburg, Germany (2017-18)
Nederlandse, Reisopera, The Netherlands (2018)  (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen, Leeuwarden, Utrecht, Maastricht, Zwolle, Enschede)

Nicholas Tamagna as Siroe
Director: Jakob Peters Messer
Conductor: George Petrou, Wolfgang Katschner, and Thomas Bünisch


“The title role features countertenor Nicholas Tamagna. He succeeds in an exciting portrait of an almost too virtuous and generous prince, who can finally ascend to the throne despite nasty intrigues. His countertenor voice is of admirable suppleness and great expressiveness.” – Das Opernglas Magazine (2018)

“If you continue to insist that countertenors cannot do justice to the big castrato roles, you are obliged to listen to Nicholas Tamagna. As far as I’m concerned, the best singer of the evening, with a powerful and rich voice, and a nice sharp edge that creates the necessary drama. Siroe is perhaps a dramatically less rewarding role in his relentless goodness, but his music is fantastic, such as the pathetic ‘La sorte mia tiranna’ and the energetic ‘Fra dubbi affetti miei’, in which Tamagna exemplifies with coloratura bitter and accusing bursts of laughter.” – AlbaKlassiek (2018)

“At the Reisopera, the role of Siroe is sung by the American countertenor Nicholas Tamagna, blessed with a powerful, altogether radiant alto sound. He can easily handle the vocal caprioles in the rage arias, as well as the lyrical passages in which he expresses his love for Emira.” – Opera Magazine Netherlands (2018)

“With countertenor Nicholas Tamagna we have as Siroe an excellent singer, who sings with spotless and floating, as well as at times intensively expressive tones. He not only stays the course, but from beginning to end conquers this enormous role.” – Opernfreund (2017)

“Nicholas Tamagna as Cosroe’s first contemptuous and then victorious royal son Siroe not only pulls out all the stops of his exceedingly magnificent counter-tenor voice, but touches it with an extremely credible depiction. Tamagna’s great aria “Se l’amor tuo mi rendi” in the third act with its rhythmically intricate, breathtaking jumps and coloraturas left me breathless. This aria of heartfelt brotherly love, one of the most beautiful of the late Rococo, is reminiscent of jumping lambs in a painting by François Boucher…Like Philipp Kappeler and Yulia Sokolik with the rest of the ensemble, Nicholas Tamagna makes it very clear how a new generation of singers today masters these parts of the human voice of Hasse’s opera brilliantly and to the delight of the audience. The highest vocal technical demands of these arias are among the most difficult and demanding, which the century of the true bel canto and the greatest vocal art from the Neapolitan school had to offer.” – (2017)

“Countertenor Nicholas Tamagna stands out as the fine and dramatic Siroe who emerges right at the beginning into the virtuosic turmoil.” – Kreiszeitung (2017)

Photos from Siroe, Re di Persia