Gismondo, Rè di Polonia

Leonardo Vinci

Theater an der Wien, Vienna, Austria (2018)
Victoria Teatru, Gliwice, Poland (2018) 

In September 2018, Parnassus Arts Productions presented yet another Neapolitan baroque opera in concert version (and in three acts) Gismondo Re di Polonia by Leonardo Vinci.

September 2, 2018 at Victoria Teatru in Gliwice, Poland,
September 25, 2018 at Theater an der Wien in Vienna, Austria

Nicholas Tamagna as Ermanno
Max Emanuel Cencic (Gismondo)
Yuriy Mynenko (Ottone)
Sophie Junker (Cunegunda)
Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk (Primislao)
Jake Arditti (Ernesto)
Dilyara Idrisova (Giuditta)
Martyna Pastuszka (musical direction and conductress)

Parnassus ARTS Productions and {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna!


“Nicholas Tamagna – intriguing in voice and character, and richly resonant.”

Renate Wagner, (2018)

“My number one that night was Nicholas Tamagna (Ermanno) – a villain who was responsible for the pitching of the tent and the invasion of the war, possessed by the desire to take revenge on Przemysławie (Primislao), who killed his brother. This is the only character that ends tragically – by suicide. Tamagna treated his secondary role very seriously – it was visible not only in gestures, movement, but above all in the performance of recitatives, which he tried to give the sound of natural speech. It was a terribly difficult task, because the Gismondo recitatives are very conventional. It came out flawlessly – it did not cross the border of good taste and was authentic.”

Mateusz Ciupka, Szafa (2018)