“Some real greats have been engaged in this production: Franco Fagioli, Valer Sabadus and Max E. Cencic. And in countertenor Nicholas Tamagna you have, for example, a singer brought to Karlsruhe for the first time who can certainly be re-engaged in future … Nicholas Tamagna as Oronte … given his agile, supple countertenor he is a discovery for future festivals.” (Riccardo Primo, Händel-Festspiele, Karlsruhe)


“Countertenor fans make note of this name: Nicholas Tamagna (Oronte). The young singer has a forceful countertenor with a sharp timbre, radiating power and a natural sounding falsetto … the way is all cleared for countertenor heaven.” (Riccardo Primo, Händel-Festspiele, Karlsruhe)

OPERASORA, February 2014

“Oronte, the Prince of Syria, was sung by countertenor Nicholas Tamagna, who elated his audience with the aria “Dell’onor di giuste imprese.” (Riccardo Primo, Händel-Festspiele, Karlsruhe)

Udo Pacolt, ONLINE MERKUR, February 2014

“Nicholas Tamagna was thrilling as the Syrian prince Oronte with his agile countertenor voice.” (Riccardo Primo, Händel-Festspiele, Karlsruhe)

Thomas Molke, OMM – ONLINE MUSIK MAGAZIN, February 2014

“The second countertenor Nicholas Tamagna (Pulcheria’s groom Oronte) fit in beautifully with this harmonious, acoutiscally and optically, complete Handel imagery.” (Riccardo Primo, Händel-Festspiele, Karlsruhe)

Manuel Brug, DIE WELT, February 2014



Händelfestspiele at the Badisches Staatstheater (Karlsruhe, Germany Premiere 2014 | Wiederaufnahme 2015)

Michael Hoffstetter, conductor
Benjamin Lazare, director