Theater Münster
Münster, Germany (2015)

“Stilsicher sang Countertenor Nicholas Tamagna den Polinesso, treffsicher bis in tiefe Lagen und textverständlich klangen seine Koloraturen, dabei spielte er überzeugend den ruhmsüchtigen Bösewicht” (Ariodante, Theater Münster)

Sigi Brockmann, DER-NEUE-MERKER.EU, 2015

“Engaged for the role of Polinesso, the countertenor Nicholas Tamagna endows the villain with stupendous heights and great agility in the coloratura. A highlight of the evening is his aria “Se l’inganno sortisce felice” in Act ll, when Polinesso triumphs in his successful intrigue over Ariodante. In the end, frenetic applause is given for a great evening of theater in every regard.” (Ariodante, Theater Münster)

Thomas Molke, OMM.DE, 2015

“For the villain Polinesso the theater has engaged a countertenor: Nicholas Tamagna, the elegant pirate whose life is dramatically shortened in the finale. One can’t get enough of his gallant, noble high notes. Go see it!” (Ariodante, Theater Münster)